The VR Tour Bus ® is an approved Transport for London (TfL) product, that is regulated by English law and subject to the laws of England & Wales. Any dispute, controversy, proceedings or attempted claim shall fall within the jurisdiction of the courts of England & Wales.

The VR Tour Bus has taken every necessary and legal precaution to avoid invasion of privacy, infringement of copyright, infringement of personality rights and right of publicity, infringement of trade marks and provision of inaccurate information. Where necessary and possible, VR Tour Bus has obtained written permission from local authorities and private enterprises to film and shoot photographs in the public spaces featured in the tour. The images and audio recordings featured in the VR Tour Bus, have been produced solely for publication in the VR Tour Bus project and related promotional media.

Under the laws of England & Wales, it is not an offence to photograph people (including children and minors) in a public space. There is no legal obligation for written approval, nor written consent of individuals featured and published in the VR Tour Bus product. Under the laws of England & Wales, individuals featured in the VR Tour Bus are in a public space and have no control over their right of publicity, nor can they legally expect any. VR Tour Bus has taken every care to avoid obstruction and inconvenience to members of the public and businesses during filming.

The images and data used in the VR Tour Bus, have been deemed to not be indecent, defamatory nor derogatory. With this in mind, there can be no reasonable grounds for claims against the owner of the VR Tour Bus, nor Transport for London (TfL), for any form of financial compensation or reward.

There has been no invasion of privacy of individuals photographed, filmed or recorded in the public (and private) spaces featured in the virtual tour. There can be no reasonable assumption that individuals featured in the tour are in any way, endorsing the VR Tour Bus. No images are believed to be indecent, no subjects were harassed, and there has been no breach of subject confidence. With this in mind, there can be no reasonable claim for financial loss, nor any reason for any financial compensation of any kind.

The VR Tour Bus is a legitimate commercial product, an historic snapshot in time, a social document for posterity, and a digital postcard that records the daily lives of the people of London. All imagery has been produced within the boundaries of Article 10 of the European Human Rights Act 1998. This includes the right to artistic expression, for publication on the internet (including social media), websites, apps, promotional material and all other forms of public media.

All imagery and recordings have been produced on a legitimate and lawful basis. We process personal data under Article 6.1(f) of the UK General Data Protection Regulation (our legitimate business interests).

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